The Dr. Rooster Story

- Creating the Tastiest Rubs Ever -

Dr. Rooster's Specialty Foods was created through humble beginnings by Chef Delaney Boling of the Central San Joaquin Valley. More than 15 years in the making, the Dr. Rooster's brand has become the catalyst with which Chef Delaney was finally able to bring his gourmet rubs and spice blends to market.

For almost two decades, Delaney has worked in the food-service industry in many capacities including prep cook on up to Executive Chef, and along the way he has honed his skills and his palette. While having a background in Italian and French cuisine, one love that he had to practice on his own time was good old barbecue!

No stranger to a grill, Delaney started experimenting with various smokers and slow-smoking techniques until he had a method he liked best. While working on mastering the art of smoking and barbecuing, he was also working hard to create the perfect barbecue rub - one that wasn't too salty, nor one that would overpower the natural flavor of quality meat. After numerous tweaks to his recipe, and a ton of trial runs, Chef Delaney came up with a formula that he was happy with - Pig Powder.

Before long, he was cooking ribs and pork roasts for his friends to try, and of course they wanted his secret.

During the holiday season of 2013, Chef Delaney decided to package up a batch of each of his rubs and started renting booth space at seasonal vendor fairs and boutiques. Thanks in part to delicious samples of pulled pork he took along with him, he was able to sell out of product every single time. The fire had officially been lit.

Immediately following the holiday season, he hit the ground running and started approaching local retail locations and specialty stores. It wasn't too long before he was in several markets and not long after that, some stores were calling to order more. Dr. Rooster's was officially launched.

Today, Dr. Rooster's offer six delicious rubs and spice blends, and people can order slow-smoked barbecue specials directly from Chef Delaney, and large-scale catering can also be arranged.

Be sure to try all of Dr. Rooster's BBQ Rubs and Spice Blends, and look for it at your favorite specialty foods stores and retail outlets!