Devil's Dust

Formula 39 - The Hot One!

For those looking for a little more spicy flavor, we give you Formula 39 "Devil's Dust." Dr. Rooster's Devil's Dust is a spicy blend of smoked peppers and spices designed to wake up your taste-buds, and is the perfect rub for chicken wings.

Using a blend of locally grown peppers, Devil's Dust delivers great flavor for all you heat-seekers, yet is not as overwhelming as some other blends on the market. At Dr. Rooster's, we appreciate the actual flavor of different chilis, and that can often be lost by trying to make a spice blend or sauce "nuclear" simply to call it the hottest.

Is Devil's Dust the hottest? By far, no... but it is the one with the best flavor. If you simply want to try the hottest spice, save a few bucks and pop a lit coal into your mouth. If you want the most flavorful rub that will still have you mopping your forehead, Formula 39 is your best bet.

Like all of Dr. Rooster's rubs and spice blends, Formula 39 uses volcanic sea salt to keep the sodium content lower without sacrificing flavor. Also, no additives or preservatives - it just doesn't need them. Devil's Dust is also a gluten-free food because we don't use unnecessary fillers such as wheat flour. Again, it doesn't need it.

Use Formula 39 as a dry rub, marinade or finishing dust the next time you feel like spicing it up a bit. Wings love it!