Kickin' Chick'n

The Perfect Rotisserie Rub!

I created Dr. Rooster's Kickin' Chick'n to bring the flavors of slow-roasted rotisserie chicken to the home cook. No need for a huge fire-roasting rotisserie - just a good oven and some Dr. Rooster's Kickin' Chick'n. 

Using a blend of savory herbs and mild chili peppers, Kickin' Chick'n is perfectly suited for chicken, turkey, game hen or any other delicious fowl, but can also be used on other meats as well for a natural rotisserie taste.  Like all our rubs, we use volcanic sea salt for Kickin' Chick'n to impart a subtle smoky flavor, as well as keeping the sodium content lower than other rubs on the market.

Kickin' Chick'n has just the right amount of spice thanks to our blend of smoked chilis, and even used indoors imparts a nice "charred" taste like you might get from a seasoned grill. Not too hot, not too smoky... just right!

Kickin' Chick'n contains no additives or preservatives - it just doesn't need them! All ingredients contained in Kickin' Chick'n are 100% natural and shelf-stable. Also, because we don't add wheat flours or starches to our blends, Kickin' Chick'n is also a gluten-free food!

Be sure to try Kickin' Chick'n the next time you're cooking anything with feathers, or on anything for that matter. You won't be disappointed!