Montreal Steak Seasoning

The Bold Taste of the North!

Dr. Rooster's Montreal Steak Seasoning is a bold rub designed for hearty cuts of meats such as tri tip, prime rib, sirloin and even burgers. True to its name, Dr. Rooster's Montreal Steak uses the bold flavors of mustard, bay, dill, lemon and black pepper to compliment steak's natural flavor, and combined with worcestershire and the kiss of a hot grill's flames will produce delicious results every time.

Montreal Steak can be used as a dry rub, mixed with oil or water as a marinade or even as a finishing dust. Try it with worcestershire for  the most flavorful results.

Like all of Dr. Rooster's rubs, Montreal Steak uses volcanic sea salt to impart a subtle smoky flavor while helping to keep the sodium content lower than some other brands on the shelves. It also contains no additives or preservatives - it just doesn't need them.

Since no unnecessary fillers such as wheat flour are used, Dr. Rooster's Montreal Steak seasoning is also a gluten-free food.

Next time you're planning to grill some steak, make sure to have a jar of Dr. Rooster's Montreal Steak Seasoning on hand for deliciously bold results.