Pig Powder

The Dr. Rooster's Original Blend!

Dr. Rooster's Pig Powder is an all-natural blend of herbs and spices designed to wake up the natural sweetness of pork, yet is versatile enough to use on all types of meats.

Pig Powder works best for slow-smoking larger cuts such as shoulders and ribs, but can also be used as a finishing dust to enhance quickly grilled meats, sausage and skewers.

The secret to Pig Powder's taste is a unique blend of savory spices and volcanic sea salt. We use natural sea salt in all of our rubs to keep the sodium content lower than some other brands on the shelves while still providing just the right amount of flavor. Additionally, the volcanic ash found in the sea salt we use provides a subtle "charred" undertone that lends well to crock-pot cooking and slow-roasting in the oven.

Pig Powder contains no additives and no preservatives - it just doesn't need them! All ingredients contained in Pig Powder are 100% natural and shelf-stable. Also, because we don't add wheat flours or starches to our blends, Pig Powder is also a gluten-free food!

Next time you're planning to BBQ some ribs, make sure to have a jar of Dr. Rooster's Pig Powder on hand and really WOW your guests.